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Price of Onions-2

I wrote about my trip to US in this blog. While I was there I visited a very dear friend of mine-named Happy (no I am not making it up). He has been living in US for around a decade and is a US citizen.

As old friends do we started chatting and wondering how the life of common man in two countries compares. So we started comparing price of various items in the US as compared to India. A lot of people have become fortune tellers and one of the first predictions everybody makes is predicting the fall of the US dollars. I have no idea when and if that will ever happen. Currently the US dollar is still the storage of wealth for most nations including China, though they have started diversifying in other assets.

Coming back to the price comparison below is the comparison of some of the common things we compared.

The interesting thing to note is that some of the things that we consider to be very expensive in India are actually more expensive in US e.g. Onions but a lot of other things e.g. Petrol are much cheaper in US ( 65/liter in HYD compared to 40 Rs/liter in US). I have done some approximate conversions considering the exchange rate and the difference in the measurement system in US and India ( e.g -Gallon/Liter or Kilo/Ounce etc.)

One major difference I noticed besides prices in US for food items was the sheer variety available for each kind of vegetable. From organic to different colors and flavor and sizes of the same item e.g. say tomato or potato. I guess that is what happens when you become a prosperous country you get a lot of choices. You can not only choose your president from a host of candidates who start the election campaign but also the kind of Onions you want to eat and what price you want to pay for the same.

Thanks for reading. I am currently doing some more research on the Tax saving bond and will write about the same in next blog. Keep watching.



  1. Hay Prasad, i was exited to know these facts, how US market and India markets differ..frankly last month in HYD the onion price was 50 RS and any hotel didn't service Onion slice. I have no words to say about petrol, change's every month..happy to ride a horse instead. Anyways i was just telling you my own story..i am waiting for Tax saving bond ..thanks!!

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  2. Hi Chandra: Thanks for your inputs, I am doing some research on Tax savings bond and should be able to write by this weekend. I wrote a blog about the IDFC bonds some time back you can read that in the mean time.