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FDI In Retail Part IV

Those of you think that big retail make big profit please think again. 
Below is a link to the latest available financial data for WalMart the gold standard in any currency for efficiency of retail operations.
Let me ask you to make a guess how much net profit margin you think WalMart makes?
40% ?
5% ?
Well even if you choose the last no at 5% you will still be wrong by a big margin as the Big Daddy of retail makes a margin of only 3.6%.
Please check it out here:

The star of Indian organised retail Future Venture ( Big Bazaar) is actually making losses  for many years with a net margin of negative 5.12%:

WalMart is big and successful because it uses the money it has very effectively and the Receivable turnover  is a cool 88% and that is what gives them the cutting edge not obscene profit margins. Compared to this the neighborhood kiryana store makes a margin of almost 30% and is reluctant to give you a bill as he does not want to pay taxes, due to same reason he does not want to accept credit and debit cards.
I think I have made my point fairly clear, big retail is not about profit margins it is about a more efficient operations with economies of scale, investment in infrastructure and creation of jobs for the youth of this country.

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