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Yoga And Meditation

My grandmother used to say “ Pehla Sukh Nirogee Kaya” or the first joy you want to have is a healthy body. I never really understood what she meant till I understood the meaning of mortality. Over a period of time whenever I will get in josh to start taking care of my health the solution that typically came to my mind was to go out and spend some money. So over a period of time I accumulated a Tread mill, best sports shoes credit cards can buy, gym membership, all kind of health foods from Olive oil to Muesli and a false sense of satisfaction on spending the money. Little did I realised that one actually need to use these equipment to reap the benefits.
The Missus has been trying to peddle yoga classes to me as part of her project to keep me fit. I always laughed at the suggestion objecting that I cannot see myself in those contorted poses that you see on the television by yoga gurus.

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