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In the begining there were dreams

Dreams are what drive us. Dreams are what that begin the journey of a thousand miles. Like the great Walt Disney once said " If you can dream it you can do it"

We all can have different dreams. Some of us want to own things which is a continuation of the hunter gatherer instinct that we are carrying from our forefathers from the Stone age. Then it was berries and bones and stones now it is the latest Plazma TV or the hottest wheels in town. For some it is the penthouse looking for that most basic of the needs in Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Some others are looking to travel the world be it trekking in himalyas or going on the Inca trail to Machu Pichu on top of the world in the southern hemisphere. Some of us want the very best of education for our children.

But my dear friend have we ever wondered that all these dreams can only be full filled by money. Yes money, maya, paisa, green bucks, $, pounds etc. whatever name you may call it but if you do not have money your dreams will just remain dreams. So inorder to full fill our dreams we need money. Not just a little but a lots of money.

I can already hear a few of you saying --but money is the root of all evil.. my friend that is the old saying by the people who do not distinguish between the cause and effect. Money in itself is intert. It alone can not lead you to evil unless you want to . Let us not forget that some of the biggest philanthrophist on the 3rd rock are people with money starting from home we have Tata Trusts started by the Tata family which actually owns most of the companies in the TATA empire and most of the profit going back to the society. Or take the example of Bill and Melinda Gates who have donated more than most of us.
So now that we hopefully agree that money in itself is inert let us move forward to a few painfull questions that are haunting us nowadays.

  1. The stock market is down
  2. The oil price is doing zig zaw a few months ago it was around 150$/barrel and now it is around 50$/barrel
  3. Our mutual funds are giving negative returns
  4. Bank FDs do not even cover inflation
  5. Taxes are increasing every year
  6. The investmenet properties that we bought are now less than the loan amount on those properties and if we sell then we will be loosing more money.
  7. And you are reading blog from a person who himself is down in this market.
So now the question arises why you should be reading this blog what promise do I hold to help you?

The answer is plain and simple--None. Yes my friend I do not have any magic potion to give to you, other wise I would have had a few sips myself and instead of blogging i would have been sunbathing on the beaches of GOA, one of my favorite places on the earth. ( The favorite is ofcourse my home sweet home).
So why should you or any body listen to me or rather read this blog. Actually you do not have to that is the beauty of this medium. Except for time you do not have to spend any time on the same and I do not intend to give any advise. I am only going to record my experiences and what I plan to do or would like to do. Since I am as much a layman as you are maybe we will learn a few things together. I do not have a daily NAV to post and no board of directors or investors to impress with the ROCE and RONE and PEG ratio or the growth in the EPS. I only have to worry that the decisions i will take to put my money to use will decide if I retire in next 10 years or work till the last day of my life. My decisions will decide wether my wife will be able to hire a maid in her old age or she and I would be doing the household work once my income from salary stops.

I am a simple guy next door no fancy education in finance ( infact I can not even balance a balance sheet).

Although there is a downfall in my portfolio to a major extent it is donw from say a 105 Rs to only 34 Rs. Which by any standard is a great fall just like Humpty Dumpty, and as they say"

"Humpty Dumpty had a great fall and all the kings men and kings horses could not put together humpty dumpty" So I do not expect that any kings men will come to my rescue I believe they will come to rescue fo the big corporates but not for the little guys like you and me.

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