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Book List on Investing

My friends keep on asking me on good tips, and I keep on telling them if I knew anything for sure I would be going out and buying those very stocks before anybody else rather than working night shifts to make ends meet. I mean come on guys if I knew what the next 10 bagger would be won’t I be selling everything I own to go and buy that one elusive 10 bagger?

I have been reading about savings, retirements and stock markets for last 10 years and am still to find that 10 bagger. So instead of worrying about the next 10 bagger I thought of listing some of the books that I have read in last 10 years that have helped me in my limited understanding of personal finance and stock markets. The order they are listed is not in any particular order.

• The intelligent Investor
• Rich Dad Poor Dad
• The Warren Buffet Way
• One up on Wall Street
• Beating the Street
• A thousand miles from Wall Street
• Zurich Axioms
• The millionaire next Door
• The millionaire mind
• Money Masters
• Money Masters of our times
• Wake up and smell the money
• The history of Gold
• Buffetology
• Your money or your life
• Reminiscences of a Stock Operator
• The intelligent Investor
• Security Analysis
• The essays of Warren Buffet
• The richest man in Babylon
• Liars Poker

There are more and I will keep on updating the list. But the important point to remember is that no matter how many books, websites etc one reads ultimately it is up to us to implement the teachings of the masters. One cannot expect Mr. Lynch or Mr. Buffet to come and invest for us the onus of doing the same lies on us. We can read ten books on how to save money and how to save taxes and how to plan for retirement but if we do not implement the same these great tips and ideas will remain fiction and will never get converted to retirement portfolio we have been dreaming about. So instead of trying to get rich overnight let us start taking that very first step towards the financial nirvana. Remember the good old saying that the journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. So let us take that first step save our first Rupee of invest our first rupee as the case may be. I am not tying to preach anything here only reminding myself to take some action as I am guilty as charged of lethargy as the next guy.

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