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Making Money blogging

I was going through some posts on a website I keenly follow. ( ) I found a lot of questions regarding how much money one is making blogging ( answer for me is ZER0). These questions made me thinking that some people seriously want to make some money blogging. There were some references to full time bloggers who are living only on there blogging income. (I hope they are not living in a hole in the wall). So I decided to do some calculations. Consider you have a day job in which you make INR 500000/ annum. Now considering you work 12 months, 22 days a month for 8 hours a day and spend about 4 hours a day in work related activities like traveling, getting ready etc. So we add 4 hours to the daily work and come with a work day of 12 hours. Now we calculate your hourly wages from your job, this comes out to Rs 158.
Annual Wage 500000
monthly 41667
Working days 22
Working hours 8
Travel hours 4
Total hours spent on work 12
Yearly work related hrs 3168
So wages/hour 158

Blogging hours per month 40
Blogging hours per Year 480
Discount for liking blogging 50%
So wage expected for blogging 79
So yearly blogging income 37879

Now consider a scenario where you are a part time blogger and spend about 2 hours a day for 20 days a month into blogging related activities ( writing, researching etc)
Now in order to make an equivalent amount of money to your day job you will have to make an equivalent amount of money from blogging. But in order to be fair since we enjoy blogging we will be happy to receive only 50% of the rate that we get for our regular job. Which means if you make 79 Rs per hour of blogging you should be happy. This will give us an annual figure of Rs 37879 from 2 hours of blogging around 20 days a month. Now you will have to do calculations to get this amount how many clicks and page view your blog needs to get. Please remember that the amount to be earned in every case will be different and if you find that you will never be making equivalent amount of money ( or half of it) to your day job you need to be practical and write purely for the joy of writing a blog to express oneself. Would love to hear from you on this.

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