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Bad Sales Man- Part II

This blog is being written as an update to the Eureka Forbes blog. Where I mentioned how I have been chasing the Eureka forbes sales person to get my life time free service card and the 2 free coupons for the future purchase of cartridges.

Needless to say I have made few more calls to Eureka Forbes but no use. Then I was able to find the link for giving feedback on the Eureka Forbes website. I wrote the whole story on the window that opened, and sent it. Next day I received a call from one Mr. Nageshwar Rao claiming to be the boss of the bad sales man who is no longer taking my calls.

Mr. Rao promised me that I will be receiving the coupons within next 24 hours. (At least the Eureka Forbes guys are consistent in promising 24 hour resolution no matter to whom you speak) This was on 21st of October 2010. Nothing happened for one week and I called him on 29th of October. By this time Mr. Rao has also got amnesia and I had to help him in reviving his memory. On recollecting his memory he mentioned that the bad sales man has gone on a vacation and has just got back and he has instructed him to give me the coupons. Mr. Rao also suggested that I should call the bad salesman and ask him for the coupons.

I was furious on this suggestion and wanted to know if Mr. Rao has already given instructions to the bad sales man and he has not followed it how on earth he will listen to me when he has been avoiding my calls since August.

To Mr. Rao’s credit he arranged a conference call with bad sales man and as always I was promised that the coupons will be delivered in 24 hours. That was on Friday October 29th. Today is November 6, 2010.

I do not plan to call any one of them any more. I have been able to find the email address of the head of sales for Eureka Forbes. I am sending a link of this blog to him. If he responds to the same I will be giving him the contact details for his team members Mr. Bad sales man as well as his boss.

Will keep you posted. This is no longer a case of chasing 2 lousy coupons as I have spent more time on this that they are worth. This is now a case of a consumer verses the Goliath. Let us see how things move.

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