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Money Resolutions

Money resolutions for 2011:

  1. Keep a track of all expenses. Found a good website that gives a lot of free templates. Will use one of them to keep a track.
  2. Will not do any day trading in stocks
  3. No impulse purchases. Neither of stocks nor of any thing else.
  4. Close unused bank accounts.
  5. Start exercising ( Yes, it has money implications)

I have tried to keep them as simple as possible. The 5th one is actually both a financial as well as health related resolution.


  1. Happy New Year!

    Instead of Excel templates, you could use the (now-free) Microsoft Money program. Microsoft finally gave up the fight against Quicken and web-based competitors last year, and released the last version of Money as unrestricted freeware. I've been using Money for years to track household expenses and all investments.

  2. Great suggestion Rohit. Infact I have MS Money it came with my daughters Dell PC. But I had no idea it is free now for every body. Thanks a lot.