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Budget Wishlist-Part 2

As expected the Finance minister ignored most of my wishlist. But surprisingly some of them were actually included in some of the announcements made by him in the parliament.

Some of them actually pertain to making life of common man easy and his experience of dealing with government office/officers less painful
Here is the things that I would like to comment on the budget, some I like some I don't:

  1. Increase in the number of Central Processing Center for Income tax returns.
  2. I also like the fact that you do not need to file return if your salary is your only income. Why to waste time in paperwork of salaried employees when all payable tax has already been deducted at source.
  3. Forming of a high level task force/ committee or something similar to fight corruption. Though this makes one wonder what our government have been doing so far.
  4. Work with foreign governments to get some of the black money back to India ( I am 100% sure this will not give any results)
  5. I really liked the part where salary of Anganwadi workers has been increased from 1500/ to 3000/- per month. Can u imagine some body getting 1500/- per month as salary? It can happen only in India. I mean come on! Our maid makes more than that. This should benefit more than 2.2 million Anganwadi workers.
  6. Tax exemption limit to 1.8 L per annum is just a eyewash and considering the inflation in last year it is actually a joke with the masses as the annual saving will be only 2K. My petrol bill has increased many times compared to that in last six months.
  7. 24% more allocation to education sector is a good thing. Hopefully some of it will be used to provide better primary schools and not just spent at creating elite institutes.
  8. Micro finance companies have got a better deal and should ease for them to raise funds.
  9. Tax exemption for Infrastructure bonds has been increased for another year.
  10. A new simple tax form " Sugam" to come in picture. May be we are back to the Saral days. Watch this space for update on the same.
How about sharing your view point on the budget? Would love to hear from you.
Thanks for reading.


  1. Well no special benefit to women this time :(

  2. Thanks Sasha, I think FM will give more benefits to ladies just before the election year.

  3. Well I hope so - the country needs to really : ) Good post...

  4. Thanks Kirti and SM. The budget is focused more on policy and long term growth, may look bland to us, but hopefully it will change a few things in long run.

  5. LOL!!!! netas are the one hoarding most if not all the black money specially the INR500.00 and INR1000.00 bills sure they will hear to your wish list and LOL.

    Point 2 is intersting I wish they will implement it here in the US. In US if you have a social security number no matter even if you have zero income you need to file taxes as most peple living on welfare that's the proof they require to file for welfare. But Its a wish list you can always wish for the stars.

  6. thanks hardeep. Things work differently in some aspects but in others things are same in US and India.

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  8. Thanks, I try to publish a minimum of 5 times in a month.

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