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Breakfast for Baby

My elder daughter is 9 years old, she is a typical city kid who loves to play on computer, watch cartoons, and is thoroughly embarrassed by the -oh so rotund appearance of her father and openly wishes that I should loose weight ( how much she is like her mother).
She typically will not even take a glass of water on her own and expects her mother and father to pamper her. "My dad is an ATM", T-shirt was invented to keep kids like her in mind. We were always worried if she is a responsible child, till today morning.

Her mother had to go to her school to attend a PTM and I was entrusted by her to take care of the kids at home, our 9 year and the 2 year old girls. The Mrs. assured me that since the PTM is early in morning on a Saturday, we can let the kids to sleep late and I can look after them. We thought probably they would still be sleeping when she returns. So the Mrs. zipped off to school with one of her girlfriends whose son is also in same school.

But due to some reason both the girls got up within 5 minutes of the mother going out. The elder one was calm and assured the younger one that mom is taking a bath and she should not worry about mother. But after 15 minutes the younger one could find holes in the "mom is in bathroom theory" and wanted a more plausible explanation. Then she ( the younger one) became hungry and a hungry 2 year old is louder than all the protesters together in the central square in Egypt. So I told the elder one that we will all quickly go in the car to the breakfast place across street and get some Idlis ( A South Indian Breakfast dish made of rice)

To my utter surprise or should I say shock the elder one said " Papa I can make Cheese Bread for the younger one and you don't have to spend money on buying idlis" I first could not believe the same. But then my 9 year old explained me the process to make cheese bread in a microwave. My suggestion that I can fix some cereal for them was vetoed down by her and her screaming sibling with loud "yukky" for cereal.

So she took some bread from the fridge put some cheese on it heated it in the microwave and WOW we had hot cheese bread ready in less than a minute. She skillfully made small bite size pieces of the bread and instructed the younger one to wait for the bread to cool down before she starts eating. The temper of the younger one cooled along with the cheese bread and she started eating the same, though still wondering where the mother is. But cheese bread was a good enough distraction to keep her engaged for a while.

This whole episode was so quick and amazing that I could not even take any photographs of the same. Then my daughter made 2 more breads for me and one for herself.

We all enjoyed the breakfast made by my 9 year old daughter. Then the little master chef wanted to know how the cheese bread was. I proudly told her that it was the best cheese bread I had ever had. She smiled and then said since you have saved some money on buying Idlis why don't we go for pizzas in the evening when we are going out shopping.

That's my daughter not only she can take care of her 2 year old sister, make cheese bread she also knows how to negotiate for a pizza with her father. ( It is totally another chapter that she is not very fond of Idlis)

Needless to say we are going for Pizza in a restaurant in the evening, you are welcome to join.


  1. Such a responsible kid..:)

  2. Hi Chandana: I will pass on the message :)

  3. Love you Beta..:)
    God Bless my Baby Angels.