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Help Japan

Mother Nature has been furious. The fury came in form of earthquake, followed by Tsunami and nuclear disaster in Japan. It is like Hiroshima and Nagasaki once again in Japan. The radiation coming out of the plants is slowly spreading to surrounding areas and can reach far flung places with winds and clouds. Radiation is a silent killer you will not be aware that you have been exposed to the radiation till the side effects starts showing up. The problem with radiation ill effects is that they can haunt you for decades to come and even cripple the future generations. That is long term problem with radiation exposure.
In the present scenario a lot of people in the areas affected by radiation and Tsunami are homeless. The telecom systems and the rail and road network in the area impacted has collapsed. Japanese people are one of the wealthiest people in the world, but suddenly in the Tsunami and radiation effected area they are homeless or they do not have any food and electricity. The Japanese government and people are working on war footing to help the people impacted by the Tsunami. The relief efforts are slow and painful and are taking much time due to total break down of infrastructure in the affected area. This is not a tragedy for Japan, this is a tragedy for each one of us, as the ones who have died in the disaster were one of us and not just citizens of Japan. When Mother Nature becomes angry it does not recognizes national boundaries. The last big Tsunami that hit South East Asian nations of Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, India and Srilanka was equally devastating for each one of us. Each of the nations lost thousands of citizens.
The whole world came to help the impacted nations and helped in providing food, shelter, rebuilding the infrastructure and providing medical care for the survivors. We need to show the same solidarity to the Japanese people. This is a disaster of biblical proportion and we all need to join hands to help the Japanese people. I request all of you to pray for the Japanese people.
I also would request you to donate as much as you can to help the Japanese people. On the side bar of the blog there is a widget that takes you the site of Red Cross where you can donate directly to help the Japanese people.

You can also click here to get more sites to help Japan 

Those of  you who want to donate in Indian Rupees please click here

Please forward this blog to as many people as you want to so that your friends can also donate for the same.  You can use any other website or medium to help Japanese people but my humble request is to do the same. Just go to Google and type how to help Japan and you will get a lot of websites dedicated to helping Japan, pick up the one you feel comfortable and use that to send money to help people in Japan.

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