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Being Anna Hazare

In a nation devoid of any heroes, in a nation where the heart throbs of teen age girls are middle aged bollywood stars it is nice to have Anna Hazare come out of the rustic Ahmednagar and shake the nation out of its slumber and take note.

This clearly is sign of the changing times. In a nation where Khusboo is worshiped in temples next to stinking drains it is nice to have Anna Hazare who comes as a breath of fresh air.
In a nation where corrupt politicians now demand a stake in companies  worth thousands of crores it is soul saving to find a penniless Gandhian to come and ask them details of their swiss accounts.

In a country where no body stops for a bleeding pedestrian hit on a road it is like life saving ambulance on time to see thousands come out in droves to support Anna Hazare.

I wrote some time back that a revolution like Egypt may not happen in India and I gave my own reasons for the same, but how wrong I was. Millions prayed for Anna, and thousands joined in his fast to fight against corruption. 
Being Anna Hazare is not just fighting against corruption, being Anna Hazare is showing that no matter how dark it is one single candle can light up the path, and when one candle is lit a thousand join it. Being Anna Hazare is proving to the world that the fertile soils of India can produce a whole crop of Gandhis when they are  needed. Being Anna Hazare is proving to each one of us that we can unite and fight together if we can find our own demon to slay. And we have found that demon, only it is no longer called Ravan it is called corruption.
Being Anna Hazare is starting a career as a driver in Indian Army but evolving in a surgeon who gave spine to millions of Indians. Being  Anna Hazare is starting life as a mute villager but giving voice to millions of city bred face book and twitter users.
Being Anna Hazare is being loved by the chatterati, glitterati, twiteratti, celeberatti, industrialist and the common man for whom he is willing to die.

Being Anna Hazare is being you and me a nobody who can stand up and fight anybody who is somebody trying to cheat money from everybody.

Being Anna Hazare is declaring that I can not be bought, because I am free.

Anna Rocks!


  1. Anna Hazare gave hope to a nation of skeptics.

  2. U described Anna really well. I also dedicated one post today in support of Civil Society version of Jan Lokpal Bill...

    This Gandhian has become a hope for millions of indians just because of his true personality.