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Rich Fat-Poor Fat

I was again in US last week for some meetings so I decided to observe and validate the theory that in a rich country the Rich are thin and poor are fat while in a poor country Rich are Fat and poor are thin.

First about my own country India. I am certainly not rich but I am overweight. When I go to movies or mall   I  see a lot of well to do folks who are all overweight. Then when I look at people who are not making a good amount of money but are all around us so what do I see?
The guy who operates the lift, the security guard, the parking lot attendant, our maid all very thin and slim.
In US what to I see: Our CEO definitely a fairly prosperous gentleman who has traveled all over the world-very fit and slim, our Chief Accounts Officer, a middle aged guy with handsome Italian genes- can give a 20 year old run for his money.
Our head of one of departments again very fit and slim and doing justice to her designer wardrobe.
Now I look at the lady at the cash counter in cafeteria- Obese, the guy who wraps sandwich-Obese, the car driver who comes to pick me up at the airport-Obese, the friendly cleaning lady at my hotel: Obese again.

I think the reasons are very simple as I read somewhere: The obese in countries like India are people who are first or second generation prosperous people who think that a little fat on the body is a sign of prosperity ( who cares about the  decreasing age of first heart attack ?). So moms will like to stuff their sonny boys with one more Aloo Paratha topped with a dollop of butter and will not take no for an answer.
The poor on the other hand can not afford nutritious food and typically depend on very low calorie food like subsidized rice and hardly have any oil or fat in their diet as oil and butter etc are very expensive. Also because poor people in country like India work so hard that any calories they consume are burned at the end of day. 
Q: Do you know that a typical security guard, or parking attendant has a 12-14 hours of shift where they are standing and or walking around. I bet most of us can not stand for even 2 hours at a stretch.

The rich in countries like US are supposedly highly educated and health conscious and like to take care of there health. The poor on the other hand are semi-literate working class people who eat the cheap foods full of fats. Thus consuming a lot of calories. Mind you these poor people in US are also doing a lot of hard physical labor but usually their hours are better regulated, and the rich greasy food is the cheapest food available as the cuts of the meat they eat are the ones that the rich don't want as they are full of fat. So the poor in US keep on getting fat, and because they are not very educated they are not that conscious  of the importance of taking care of their health. 
Thus : Rich Country = Poor Fat people
       Poor Country =  Rich Fat people
So where do you belong? A fat person from a poor country or a thin person from a rich country? I guess  poor from either types don't have time to browse internet.

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  1. I think the poor people in the US get fatty food for $15 from McDonalds and the rich ones eat the healthy and fat free food for a higher price. In India it goes in the other way, the rich ones goes to McDonalds at eat the fatty food for fashion (Wanabe) and the poorones eat the low fat food here, because they have no other choice. So what I want to say is, the rich slim ones in US are by choice while the slim poor ones in India are by chance.

  2. Right said Sailor. The tragedy is that in our country due to dietary habits both the rich and poor are not in good shape. The rich because they over eat and poor because they lack the basic nutrition.

  3. nice observation Prasad, I always use to wonder why those people in US cafeteria are obese...I thought they might be eating all the time while cooking...but they have a different story...