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Moving Stock Prices

I am sure you have got SMS or email like this: Buy XYZ Limited, 7 day target 50, 15 day target 65 then 90 in 45 days. Or something similar. Now I have never been able to understand how can somebody predict a stock price in future, that two with such accuracy that on this date this will be the target. It is almost like predicting on what date what will be the mood of Mamta Banerjee and which industry she is going to through out of West Bengal on that day.

I mean stock prices are not like orbits of heavenly bodies that you can chart down precisely based on historical motions. So anybody who comes and tells you a fixed date and price for a chart is either an idiot of category one or thinks that you are an idiot of category 2. ( Please don't ask me the difference between the 2 types of idiots).

If some body comes and tell me that a stock will go up in future I can understand, I can also understands if some body comes and tells me that a stock will be at a particular price on a particular day I think they do not know what they are talking about, so be very careful of such people who claim to know future with such certainty. 

If you know somebody who can predict both the time and price of a stock with even 51% accuracy please send me there contact details I would love to learn this magical art from them.
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