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Emergency Fund III

So what will happen if you don’t have an emergency fund?
Before that let us look at the arguments given for not having an emergency fund: 
  1. I have a stable job so why do I need an emergency fund. I will get my pay check any ways
  2. Even if I don’t have money in an emergency I have my platinum/gold/diamond credit card.
  3. I can always call fall back on my parents in case of emergency.
  4. Some other bullshit

Which one of the above bullshit you have been telling your self in order to not have an emergency fund?
We will examine each one of the above reasons in our next post.
Thanks for reading.


  1. everyone has their own priorities which you better understand.. you can shut up before you say bull shit - would have made it less harder for the world to bear you.

  2. Dear Anonymous: Emergency fund is the first priority of anybody serious about their financial life. I respect that each one of us has our own priorities and not choosing to be financial prudent is one of the choices each one of has.