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Why She Gets Angry

We have been married for more than 10 years and yet I have never been able to figure out what makes her angry.
I thought she gets angry when I try to steal a glance at some PYT in the mall while she is trying to decide what will look better on me, the blue shirt with stripes or the blue shirt with checks. But she just takes that with same stride with which she takes my declaration to be the best chef in family when I have just heated a pizza in Microwave (I try to get the credit for the extra basil that I add to the pizza).
I thought she gets angry when I leave the socks lying on the floor, but she never says anything about it anymore, it is another story that I discover the socks next day in my laptop bag when I open the same in office next day. Do you think she is trying to give a message?

I thought she gets angry when I tell her that the kids have got the brains from me when they score a perfect 10 in maths test, but she just nods and hand me their homework to figure out the difference between LCM and HCM.

I thought she gets angry when I bring back the lunch box full of cut fruits and innocently inform her that I went out for an office team lunch. She just puts the box in fridge and next day that is what I get again for lunch. So I guess she is cool about that.

And today I told her that that she should use the cell phone less as there are too many calls to her sister in Bombay, and next thing I know the cell phone has been banged on the wall! I am pretty sure she was aiming at my head but missed. I am not sure if she is angry because she does not like my idea of her talking to her sister or she thinks I am questioning her authority to spend money.

Any suggestions on how do I find out?


  1. Guess you need to acieve critical mass to appreaciate the full impact.

  2. Awesome post!! I couldn't stop laughing!!

  3. hahaaa....Lovely...!!!

    May be its her love for you hidden in that anger, and she intend to see you picture perfect....:))