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Green Ganesha

I have never been one of the religious types, always having a little snobbish image of myself as more of a spiritual than a religious person, totally forgetting that the first step towards spirituality is to leave behind snobbery.
Vegge Ganesha Complete With Karela Mouse
So I have never been active in the society religious functions, keeping a safe distance from them worrying that the religious fever may infect my spiritual self.
This year everybody from the neighbourhood auntyjee to the Bollywood and Tollywood stars are coming out in favour of an eco friendly Ganesh Utsav . So our society also decided to join the same and this year Ganesh Utsav is being celebrated as an eco friendly festival in the building, I was very happy to learn the same and decided to come out of my pseudo spirituality and let the closet believer in me bloom and bow my head in front of the remover of obstacles in his eco friendly avatar.
Ganesh Without Toxic Makeup
While I was very impressed by the main Idol devoid of any toxic colors, what really made me happy was to see some small Ganesha idols made of bio degradable materials like flour, fruits, shells etc by kids in the building. Below are some of the pictures of the idols made by kids in our building. I think it is a great effort to involve the kids in understanding that thousands of Ganesha idols with toxic paint and chemicals being immersed in the sea, rivers and lakes of this country are harming the environment. 
Let a Million Eco Friendly Ganesha Bloom and this be a new beginning in India to take care of our environment by starting with Ganesha the first amongst gods.
As they say:  Om Shree Ganehshay Namah :)

Kids Dressed As Ganesh


  1. That's really interesting to see. I guess spirit of God is same in each avatar.

  2. The early humans worshiped nature, so I guess we are going back to our roots in one form or other.