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Square Peg In A Round Hole

I am not your typical Apple fan or is it fanatic? But this has never stopped me from admiring the products or the man behind the products always. For me Apple products have always been a notch above my league. 
But more than the through bred steeds from the Apple stable I was always more in awe of the man behind these products. Yes like millions of people around world I have always admired Steve Jobs and considered him to be almost Superhuman.

And there are reasons for me to be a great fan of the man just like millions others. I mean here is a man, who had become an Icon by demolishing every single Icon that was worshipped in the geekoshphere.
But his success was not  in breaking icons or building new ones and in process becoming one to me he was more of a superhero because he was always the underdog who won every single dogfight, catfight and the gorilla war against the big established players in every single field he decided to change the rules and at times actually changing the game itself ( itunes, iphone, ipad, animation movies etc)

His life story is no less than the legends or mythology or the Hollywood to Bollywood stories we have seen in life.
Given away at birth by his parents he drifted in his youth learning of all things Calligraphy, while trying to find his dreams traveling as a hippie in India. Then almost like a mythological hero he had his awakening and the seed of Apple were sown in a garage.  Rest as they say is history but it also kept on repeating itself again and again.

And this is where my admiration  for the man strengthens. He followed his dream and changed the world forever. Just imagine one man followed his dream and made such a big difference if just a few more of us decide to follow our life and dream how much better place this world would be.

Rest In Peace.... Steve Jobs, you truly were a square peg in a round hole….

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