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Money Resolutions-2012

This year I did not make any new  year resolutions as some from the last year are yet to be fulfilled. Here is the status update from resolutions from last year:

1. Track all expenses: Did this diligently till September and then lost track. Will start it again.
2. No day trading in stocks: This one I was able to stick to except for one day, when the day purchase became  a holding for 6 months before I sold the stocks loosing a pretty chunk, as is usual in day trading. This year no exceptions.
3. No  impulse purchases: Please read the point above :(
4. Close unused bank accounts: Hurrah.... actually did that, not only bank accounts also closed unused demat account. A self pat on my back :)
5. Start Exercising: Have been actually able to do this on a fairly irregular basis, so make it regular this year. 
So dear reader thanks for reading and let me accomplish these before moving to new ones.

Thanks... below is the link for last year's resolutions.

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