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Remembering Bapu Gandhi

Remember  Bapu Gandhi :Whom we forgot long ago

Tomorrow it is 2nd October or the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. We all remember  him as father of Nation, the man who led the nation and drove the British out of nation. India's Independence opened the flood gate and slowly but steadily the British packed their bags and left most countries in India and later in Africa also.

Surprisingly Gandhi jee never won a Nobel  prize, though he was nominated 5 times. But I am personally happy that he never won the Nobel as I think Gandhi is much bigger than all the prizes combined in this world.

Gandhi jee was also called Bapu or father by scores of Indians but today that word has been corrupted by the likes of Asaram Bapu who have misused the word " Bapu" and made it something to be detested.

Every single Indian city has a M G Road or Mahatma Gandhi Road but most of us have forgotten what M G stands for, in our rat race and shortage of time Mahatma Gandhi has been reduced to just M G.

I think the only place we still love and remember Gandhi is on the currency notes. What an irony the man who shed his clothes to live in a loin cloth just like millions of Indians now his picture is the face of currency of the country.  We remember the Gandhi on notes but forget the Gandhi and the ideals he stood for. 

No wonder the more we forget about Gandhi in true sense the more the Rupee is falling, for a country without a strong moral can not have a strong currency. Though I wonder for how long we will have Gandhi even on currency notes who knows just like all the airports, flyovers, schemes and scams where the real Gandhi is missing, Bapu may silently vanish from our currency notes also. That would be a black day for this country though Bapu would be happy that he no longer has to be the poster child of currency notes.

What do you think? 

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