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Since we have been talking about Grandmothers let me talk about another grandmother, this time of a friend.
He is from a business family and we were enjoying the sangeet ceremony before his marriage.
His granny an old lady with snowhite hair was full of energy and very happy for the marriage of her youngest grandson.

Soon she became the center of attraction of everybody and she started talking about her experiences about life. Although the marriage was in Delhi and her complete flock had moved to Delhi she continued to live in the ancestral property surrounded by mango grooves in a small village near Agra.

During the course of our conversation I asked here why she has not moved to Delhi with the rest of the family. She responded with her toothless smile
" Beta hamen to dilli kee baten samajh nahi aatee, yahan to har cheez he ajab hai"
" Doodh main malai nahin aatee, subzee main swad nahi hai...
" Or to or yahan to dhan bhee kala hai"
I was puzzled what is this Kala Dhan?
So she explained 
" Hame to maloom nahi, yeh mere bete or potey log har do teen mahniey main gaon atey hain or humse kaagzon par angootha lagwate hain....
Or jub main poochtee hoon yeh sub kya hai to bolten hai.. Amma dilli main bahut kala dhan hai.. tum angootha laga do tumhare haath main bahut partap hai... isse kala dhan gora ho jayega...

You should have seen the expressions on the face of some of her sons in the room.. at that time we just ignored it and laughed it. But come think of it an innocent old lady was being used by her sons to launder money..
I think she was right Dilli main kaala dhan  bahut hai... even if nobody agrees all our Netas and babus will agree.

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